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It’s been a crazy couple of months for the Meyer household. After finding out we were expecting our fourth member of the family we had a week to enjoy the news before plunging into what has felt like a very dark and depressing hole of sickness. 12 weeks later we are emerging slowly back into a bit of normalcy again. In this whole process I’ve had a lot of time to think (though often not entirely coherently) about our little family and our farm and the blog.

I’ve come to some realizations that I am excited by and I hope you will be too. I’ve realized that this blog has taken my focus off of my family and often been an emotional burden more than a joy. That it has often drawn me away from those sweet times with my little boy or my husband instead of been a harmonious part of our lives. As I was pouring hours and hours into the framework of this site and other online pursuits to help subsidize the costs of hosting this site it drained my energy.

In my desire for this to be the best blog it could be, I’ve often lost sight of being the best mom I could be and the best wife I could be. And for that, I have regret. There have been more days then I care to admit where the dishes have piled, or the laundry has been forgotten in the wash while I worked on this blog. Hours spent coordinating giveaways and handling publishers who continually forget to mail the winners copies of books. It is a problem many anย entrepreneur has faced, the initial lag time of investment to benefit ratio is high and the returns are low.

Yet in the midst of this, I also love writing and we as a family care about this farm and this lifestyle with a great passion. So it is Kevin and I’s decision, together, that this blog does have a place in our family and our future. But it is no longer the priority…..my job as wife and mother and homemaker is.

I have never been a born organized person, I have struggled greatly with how to manage our life and our home and it takes it’s toll on our minds and emotions. So right now this is my focus, to learn how to bring our home and my daily responsibilities to completion first and then with what time and energy is left over (if any) I will share as much as I can on here.

With all my head knowledge and research about what “makes” a good blog great this has been a big struggle for me as it is drilled and drilled into your head that consistency is what makes people come back to read more. Well, this is real life not a reality TV show folks. I’m not The Pioneer Woman and I don’t have an army of people around helping me do everything right now so this is where we are at. I’ve never tried to make our home or our lives perfect and flawless in order to have relationship with others. We are real. We are figuring out how to make life and ourselves less “messy”. This blog is an extension of that goal.

So my advice if you want to keep up with our crazy journey? Subscribe to our blog via email or an RSS reader. Because there isn’t gonna be a new post on here everyday, and maybe not even every week. And that my friends…..is real life. And isn’t that what this whole thing is about?

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Dani is a mama to 2 wild little boys. She lives for new adventures & loves to experience new places through her stomach. She is passionate about helping families fall in love with real food, geeking out on food photography and reading obsessively.


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    I truly admire the time you’ve taken to reflect on your life, family, hobbies, and family pursuits and make some God-honoring changes. I know too well how hard that can be. Earlier this year, I shared a post about how blogging has been an idol in my life and different things I do to try and keep it in it’s proper place.


    I’m signing up to follow you on Facebook, and look forward to whatever you publish – no hurry, I’ll see it whenever you get to it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    In Christ,


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      Thanks for the note Holly!

      It has been an interesting year for sure but as of right now we are dedicating as a couple as much time to the blog as we can while staying balanced. We hope to be able to blog full time in the future so this is an exciting change for me. It is so easy to get sucked into the computer time though so we are definitively aware and trying to manage our attentions. :)


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    Your life is blessed and you are a blessing. You are learning lessons far beyond your years ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is amazing what the Lord can do with a life that is balanced in the right places. It becomes an amazing thing to see, that He hands you the time you need to do all that HE places on your plate, AND you can be at peace inside knowing your priorities are right. It is amusing to see at times how much WE put on our plates and then scrape off what was supposed to be on it in the first place! Been there done that! l Proud of you for prioritizing and seeking the most important first, it is a step you will never regret. The world, will have to savor each adventure bite as it comes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you more than you can imagine, well…you are a mom now, so you CAN imagine <3.

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    I like real. Life's too short to waste it on what is stealing your joy. I spent so many years thinking, "One day I'll do this or that, once I have more money or when my health is better", or a whole list of other hopes. I woke up one day and realized life is already happening every day with or without me. I'm glad you joined the abundance of life around you cause your house is full of it! (Life, that is) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you.


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