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Baby Bunnies Update

It's hard to believe its been two and a half weeks already, it's gone so fast!
Digger has amazed us with what a sweet and attentive mother she has become. She has been successful in keeping all seven of her babies happy, healthy and super spunky. She also had no runts or peanuts so they are all on par with their growth and development.
Originally we thought they were all black but as their fur has come in it is becoming apparent that some of them are actually sable in color. Super cute.

They have just started venturing out of the nesting box and staying uncovered most of the day. I'm sure we will be shocked at how big they are once we return from our thanksgiving visit to Oregon!


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  • November 22, 2012 - 2:53 AM

    Kathy Halley - I used to raise bunnies when I was a little girl. So much fun.ReplyCancel

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