Burned To A Crisp


Can I be super honest here?

The last couple weeks I have been burning out friends. Baaaad. Like I took a leisurely shower while I had garlic bread under the broiler kinda burnt.

It’s so easy to get sucked into this artificial world of blogging and promoting and building a brand and push push pushing. One more email. One more tweak. One more phone call. One more ebook to finish. One more marketing plan to put into place.

And I’m done.

I’m done letting this blog rule my life. Done with the guilt and the upset. Done with the constant beating myself up because I’m not at some level that others are at. Done down playing the exciting things that are happening because they aren’t “perfect”.

It’s time for a change. Less reading how to build a blog and a business and more time reading about the things that I love. More cookbooks and garden books. More chasing my babies and cooking food I want to…just because.┬áMore dates with Kevin and less time at my computer screen.

my little eskimo

We’ve had a crazy ride this last year and I feel like I took the stance that I would carve away everything in my life that didn’t help me stay focused on being “productive”. And I’ve realized that when you do that you also carve away things in your life that ultimately make you happy and inspired.

I can’t remember the last time I just sat down and read just for reading sake. My favorite blogs have gone unread for months and months on end, pushed off for when I have “more time”. And the less and less I have had fun and enjoyed my life, the harder and harder it has been to write.

It’s been a stage. But I’ve learned enough of what I need to know to make this blog run for right now. I’ve read enough books, mastered enough programs, created enough systems. Now I just need to get back to living my life so I have something to share. I told Kevin last night that I’m ready to emotionally separate myself from the blog. Not in a bad way….but in a way that allows my thoughts to not be consumed with it every moment of the day. To stop the perpetual to do list for it and the Blog Buddy that runs through my mind 24/7. To do what I can……and then just let it go for the rest of the day.

Where Do We Go From Here?

You can’t produce anything creative if you have everything being sucked out of you 24/7.

It’s time to take a step back. Get away from the routine. Unplug for a day, a week, whatever it takes to get your mojo back.

Read this article about why Sheryl Sandberg’s (and our whole societies) idea that “leaning in” isn’t what you actually need to do.

Go for a hike. Find some close with Scout.me.

Read some awesome blogs:

Joy The Baker
In My Kitchen Garden
Savory Simple
Hands Free Mama

Drool over this amazing food photography board from Jennifer from Savory Simple.

Take a bath.

Read a book.

Do something different.

Let’s celebrate doing less this year. Because doing less really just means having more of the important things that you really ultimately need.

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Dani is a mama to 2 wild little boys. She lives for new adventures & loves to experience new places through her stomach. She is passionate about helping families fall in love with real food, geeking out on food photography and reading obsessively.


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    I'm not half as busy as you, little mama, but this still inspires me. I'm gonna let this house stay a wreck tonight, wrestle with my nephews and be grateful I spent the weekend with my dad. Love and miss you friend!

  2. says

    Did you read my mind this morning? Haha. I’m a big fan of your blog, and imagine my surprise when I saw that I had over 10 posts in my reader backed up. I had an extremely similar conversation with my guy this morning about blogging. I said I was tired of trying to “fit in” with different circles, when you rarely get a response or involvement. I’m tired of promoting, pushing, knowing I need to re-brand, oh no – I need to self host, oh gosh my graphics are so elementary compared to others, etc. Blogging can be downright exhausting, and I think it’s smart so many of us are taking a step back, remembering to live life, and reminding ourselves to just share bits here and there on the blog. (Instead of making it our most dedicated piece of the day!)

    I don’t have 200,000 readers, my graphics are pretty lame, I need a re-brand, and I’m not posted all over bloggers websites, but in the end, my blog makes me happy. The interactions I do have bring me joy. And it’s awesome because it let’s me read and connect with awesome bloggers like you! Now to just remember all of this daily :)

    • says

      Ahh Caitlin,

      I’ve read your sweet comment half a dozen times thinking I already responded! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and read our blog. It’s so interesting and awesome to hear that there are actually people who read our blog! It can be so discouraging to think that no one is reading because of the lack of comments that come in. Thanks for making my week and inspiring me to keep writing here :)

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