General Motors Diet Review

Well we finished the general motors diet a few days ago and I’m finally sitting down to right about our experience.

First of all. It was a totally different experience for each of us so all you will be getting today is my side of it. Kevin will write up his experience for you soon but let’s just say, things went a lot better for him than for me.

Day 1 and 2 can be found here and the original diet overview here.

Apparently I had forgotten the results I have had on other low-no carb diets. These memories however quickly came rushing back. I’m not a good candidate for no carb diets lol. I’m a crazy person without carbs. I’m grumpy and moody, my body hurts, my head hurts. Generally just not a fun experience. Kevin-not so much. He seemed to breeze through this while I was wailing in torment.

And he was getting results. Me? Mediocre in comparison. The first day I lost 3.5 lbs, the following days that scale didn’t more an inch. Nada. Nothing. I’m dying and nothing is happening? Lets just say we had a difficult week in the Meyer household.

I’m barely functioning through my day without carbs. Even when we added back the protein on day 5 I was still going loopy. Cravings up the wazoo.

Now granted, I’m a self confessing sugar addict. Me and white sugar are like a dysfunctional married couple. I understand that, and I know I need to detox from the sugar. And I know when I do that, I’m a raging crazy person for two weeks and then I started feeling AMAZING. So it’s highly likely that it could be the culprit in this whole experience.

By day 4 I was feeling very cleansed out internally, nothing crazy bathroom wise but my body just started feeling lighter and cleaner. Once we added back in the meat and rice though that feeling quickly fleeted.

I did start adding in some carbs to stay sane but very minimal. A bit of brown rice or a bit of potato. I had some chili at the Sunday luncheon at church. A tablespoon of sour cream etc. Not all in one day or one sitting. But to be fair I did not stay 100% “true” to the diet.

By day 7 and lots of talking with Kevin I have decided that the best option for me is to be more aware of my daily caloric intake and know when I have to stop eating. Thus motivating myself to come up with lower calorie alternatives to things I want so I can have other things. (psst…this is common sense speaking here, i know)

But that seems to be working better. Except that because we were both so starving by the end of the week that we stopped at Chick-fil-A and got a breakfast biscuit on Day 7. Then went out for a crazy delicious dinner the day after we finished the diet, for our first date since Noah was born, and tonight we are having friends over for dinner sooooooo…..

I like to eat what can I say?

Confound it all!

Take away points: I lost 6 lbs total at one point which has quickly fluctuated back to the 3.5 lbs I lost the first day.

We were made very aware of how much sodium we had been consuming and are working to drastically reduce that.

We were made very aware of our need to count calories until we get a good grasp on portion size to calorie ratios.

I am starting to journal my food intake. After this dinner tonight haha.

We are upping our exercise regime again to sweat off as much as we can.

I’m considering going to a weight watchers meeting and learning about their “points system” I think it could be a motivating way to measure calories.

Would I recommend it?

No. It was weird what things were allowed and what things weren’t. Turns out GM doesn’t know anything about this diet and its just a variation of the Cabbage Soup diet.

I didn’t feel good or lose enough weight to make it worthwhile.

I did enjoy the cleansing aspect of the first day and will add in a few just fruit days or just vegetable and potato days in my rotation. It’s a nice way to lose some water weight and bloating quickly and that was refreshing. Not a full week though, its brutal on your system.

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  1. Charmi says


    I started the diet this monday and my weight reduced by 2.4kgs in 3days.
    but again when i checked on the 5th day,it regained by 1.5 kgs.
    Which means by 5th day i net weight lost is 1 kgs.
    Along with me a friend also started and on the 5th day morning her weight is just the same as the first day.
    So , withing 1 day we both incread 1.5kg ie after the 4th day(banana and milk).
    Is it worth continuing fr the next 2 days ?


    • says

      Hi Charmi,

      Thanks for the note. I did not see any substantial benefit to the diet and would never do it again. My husband however lost 10 pounds and it stayed off for him so I think it just really depends on your body. I felt so terrible on this diet that I could hardly function where as he did just fine. Listen to your body is my recommendation.


  2. Ancy says

    hi..Am delivered 3 months ago. Can you please advice whether i am supposes to have gm deit at this stage or i need to take normal large quantity of food at this stage?Also am feeding mt will it make any side effect for my baby as well?

    • says

      Hi Ancy,

      I would not recommend doing the GM diet if you are breastfeeding. You need to be consuming a healthy well balanced diet to keep up your milk supply at this point and this diet will compromise that no doubt. This is more of a cleanse and a rather harsh one at that. If you are looking to lose weight the biggest advice I can give you is keep breastfeeding! The pounds will melt off if you maintain a moderate diet, breastfeed and get out and take the baby for a walk around the neighborhood a few times a week. If you want to incorporate the Cabbage Soup recipe into your daily meal plan or a similar no sodium vegetable soup this is also highly recommended as it will help keep you hydrated (great for your supply) and is a great way to help keep you feeling full.

      Hope that helps!


  3. jesse says

    This diet is strangely popular even though it does seem to be rather arbitrary in what it allows and what it doesn’t allow.

    Anyone who is more interested in it should read the 400 comments or so about it here: You will get opposing views and a lot of variations.

    Some people report rather good results, but it’s hard to know how long they will remain. I didn’t like the diet at all. To me it seemed to be too restrictive and doesn’t seem easy to sustain.

  4. says

    How disappointing! You sound a lot like me when it comes to restrictive diets. I just plain hate ’em. I did an elimination diet last summer that I wrote a little about here: It’s sort of a cleanse to eliminate the foods that cause inflammation in our bodies, then slowly reintroduce them so we can get a good feel for what our specific personal triggers are. It’s an interesting experience, for sure. I’d love to loan you my book, but it’d probably be easier for you to look for it at the library, since you’re so far away. 😉
    Also, I read two books a couple of years ago about American eating habits that made a lot of sense to me, which I wrote about here: For me personally, I would much, much rather continue eating all of the things I like, but just train myself to be satisfied with smaller quantities, than to take on a restrictive diet. If you tell me to cut out desserts, I will stop listening. Life’s too short, and eating’s too pleasurable for me to take the fun out of it.
    Sorry for plugging my blog so much here, but I thought you might find the info helpful.
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog, it looks like you guys are having a great adventure out there. If you’re ever out near Portland for a visit, I’d love to see you guys.
    Take care!

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