How To Wire a Double Plug

This week we are jumping head first into our kitchen backsplash project. But before we could get too excited about getting started we had to convert our single outlet to a double outlet. Our only outlet above the kitchen countertop is tucked just behind the stove. With the addition of our dishwasher which requires the use of a plug pretty much 24/7 we were limited to a single plug to run appliances off of.

So since we had already taken the paneling off  we decided it would be a quick upgrade to give ourselves a new actually usable outlet. Which meant we needed to wire a double plug from a single plug. After turning off the power and removing the old outlet, we used our Dremel Multi-Max to cut out the drywall to give us space for the new larger box. P.s. if you don’t have a multimax we HIGHLY recommend one, we find ourselves using it all the time for tons of projects. They are around $85 dollars on Amazon.

While Kevin worked on getting the actual box installed I worked on getting the two outlets wired together. I had mistakenly purchased stranded wire instead of solid wire so we had to reevaluate our plan.

Originally I had planned on putting the second outlets wires into the back of the outlets through the small holes. But that doesn’t work with stranded wire so we went this route:

You will want to twist your wire strand together as tightly as possible before starting so that you don’t have tendrils splaying all over the place when you tighten your screws down. As always remember to wrap your wire in the same direction as your screw turns when you are tightening it down, which is the clockwise direction when you look at the screw. There is writing on the back of each outlet to show you where the black and white wires should be connected.

Once I finished wiring the two outlets together I handed it over to Kevin, who finished wiring it into the box and installing the plate that holds the outlets tight to the box. (I’m sure there is a technical name for that…)