BlogHer Food 14 Recap

Last wednesday night I kissed my babies and my man goodbye and hopped onto a red eye flight cross country to be part of the biggest food blogging conference of the year….Blogher Food 14!

Amazing spread at @stonyfield @applegate & @organicvalley's #realfoodsocial

I borrowed possibly the cutest dresses ever from my overly generous girlfriends, sister in law and of course my mommas. I’m beyond shocked and so grateful that I was able to attend. The story is pretty awesome on how everything has unfolded for this to happen. A few months ago we were moving cross country to be back home to be near our family and childhood friends. Moving=expensive. Cross country move=mega expensive. Cross country move plus no job at new place equals super expensive and super stressful in the money department.

In the midst of all of this I really really really wanted to make it to BlogHer Food and so I started praying and dreaming and all the time thought it was a total pipe dream. Then some things “just happened” to happen at the perfect times.

I happened to ask just at the right time about volunteering to pay for my ticket cost.

I happened to get picked as a volunteer.

I happened to at the last minute be offered a room spot with 4 other gals making my room cost super cheap.

And it just so happened that minutes before I wrote the “I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make it” email, the lovely folks over at Jarlsberg Cheese wrote me back saying that they would love to sponsor my travel costs.

Love how these stories always turn out the way they are supposed to!

I was packed and ready to go, kissed hubby goodbye and about had a heart attack when I realized all of my business cards were at home on my desk 35 minutes away…one way. This is my best I’m freaking out, panicking at the airport face.


Thank goodness for mother in laws who will jump in the car with both your kids at a moments notice and race them to you at the airport. A long 15 hours of flying overnight I finally landed safely in Miami.

I’m always trying to be in the present and absorb as much as I can at these events but here are a few highlights from my trip…

I was thrilled to get to connect with CliqueMe the newest front runner in a brand new social media platform to help bloggers interact with their readers. You can see their brand new software by hovering over any of the images in this post and clicking the little heart or comment icon. Be sure to get your account setup with them. They have tons of features in the pipeline and we are SO excited to see how this develops!

Beautiful friends at #cliquememiami party. Love this awesome group of ladies!

We are part of a great group of some of the top bloggers who are working with them to launch. It was so great to meet so many of the bloggers I had been wanting to connect with at one awesome party.

The cupcakes were adorable too…

Adorable cupcakes at #cliquememiami party!


And the view wasn’t too shabby either. This was the only time I managed to see any part of Miami other than the conference hall. I’ll be back one day for a real vacation!



Hamilton Beach was there showing off their Searing Slow Cooker that allows you to brown all your meat in the crock itself and then transfer it right to the cooker. Love this idea so much!

@hamiltonbeach showing off their slow cooker that you can sear on the stovetop too! Hallelujah! #blogherfood #blogherfoodsweepsentry


As a volunteer I was able to live blog a ton of the sessions and squeeze into almost every session I wanted to, including Eric and Diana from awesome video class. You can check out the notes from their session here.

There were so many great sessions, you can check out the full live blogging notes and see more conference photos here.



Stonyfield, Applegate and Organic Valley put on an awesome party too. We got a chance to listen to amazing speakers and they had an amazing spread from the chef at Essensia Restaurant.

Amazing spread at @stonyfield @applegate & @organicvalley's #realfoodsocial

The closing party was lots of fun and I loved hanging out with Jaden and Elise. Ree was somewhere being mobbed for selfies which I refrained from doing….but I did get a chance to chat with her a little on the bus and in the lounge after the party. Great ladies.

Blogging heros turned to new friends=why #blogherfood is the best. Love you Elise @simplyrecipes and Jaden @steamykitchen! Had so much fun this weekend!


1:30 am came about way too quickly after packing my gear as fast as I could and a short 4 hours later we were in the lobby catching a taxi to the airport.

Finally got to snag my little cuban coffee at the airport of all places as I prepped for the painfully long flight home again.

Finally got my Cuban coffee at the airport! Teeny tiny cups of amazingness. #blogherfood #miami


One of the airports had these auto changing seat covers…..I’m still not convinced that its not just spinning the cover around and around in there making you think you got a new one.


With only slight hiccups on the flight home I managed to get home to see my babies before tucking them into bed.


I absolutely loved connecting with so many new and old friends and finally getting to hang out with them in person. Overall highly recommend it and will definitely be going again.

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsor Jarlsberg Cheese for helping us to make this happen!


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  1. says

    It was so nice to meet you, Dani! I’m still waiting on one of you at the table to come up with a cheddar/chocolate/almond recipe :) Glad you made it safely home to those ADORABLE babies!

  2. Teresa Hockman says

    I love how your little last minute prayers were answered exceedingly abundantly above what you had asked for! So amazing when that ‘just happens’. And thank you for taking a picture of the toilet – I encountered those at an airport in Texas a couple of years ago and thought the very same thing! Ew. I was so mad that I didn’t take a picture… no one believed me that these existed. And your kids are EDIBLE!

    • says

      I love it too Teresa!

      Oh and yes such an obscure thing those toilets are! I knew my hubby would think I was crazy if I didn’t snap a picture.

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