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Why do you call it The Adventure Bite?

Short version of the story. When we were dating Kevin told me that if I didn’t start taking “adventure bites” of things that we would need to break up.

His rationality? If I date you….I plan on marrying you. If I marry you….I plan on having kids with you. I won’t have my kids being picky eaters…so you better get with the show!

You can read all about that and more of our storyhere.

Why haven’t you answered my e-mail / comment?

I try very hard to respond to all emails and comments in a timely matter. Please note that I treat comments with priority over emails due to the fact that it benefits everyone on the site rather than just one individual. If you have a topic that you feel would be beneficial to add to the site to help the community send us your idea!

I’d like to advertise on your blog. What are your rates?
Can I send you a free product to review?
Would you be interested in x, y, or z?

Please visit our Work With Us page for more information!

I left a mean or rude comment, and it was deleted. Why?

Well….you can probably figure that one out yourself.

Who takes the photographs on The Adventure Bite?

Unless noted somewhere in the post all images are taken by Kevin or myself….and occasionally various family members when we don’t have enough hands.

What kind of camera do you use?

All the photos on this blog are shot with a Nikon d70, my 3rd generation iPad or our 6020 Olympus Stylus Tough.

If we were in the market right now for a DSLR we would probably go with the Nikon D3100 or a Canon Rebel as we had an older Rebel film camera before that we loved.

Who designed your site?

Dani did! She’s the computer geek of our little household.

Can I use one of your photos/recipes/articles on my site or in my magazine?

The entire contents of this site, as well as our Flickr photos, are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything – photos or text – without our permission. Our standard policy is to allow the top photo (or two if it is a before and after) and an excerpt with a link back to the full post. But please drop us an email first?

We respond quickly and rarely deny a request, we just like knowing where our content is on the web. This is a generous policy and is NOT the standard policy on most blogs. Please be respectful of this and we are happy to keep the policy in place.

This topic can be confusing especially when in regards to recipes and we want to recommend this great article written for the Food Blog Alliance by David Lebovitz.

Our stance is that if you significantly modified the recipe please put “inspired by (link to original recipe)”, if you followed it word for word please either just list the ingredients and link back to the original recipe for the instructions OR (even better) write the directions in your own words and link back to us!

Copying and pasting content is easy to do but it lowers search engine rankings for us and is taken very seriously by the blogging community.

If in doubt please just contact us and ask.

Is there a list or an index of recipes around here somewhere?

Yes, there is. It’s right here!

Who took that photo of you two on the front page?

My friend Joann Renee did. She’s great.

Are you professionally trained in cooking? Do you have some sort of degree in writing?

Umm, kind of sorta….not really. That’s short for “I took a semester of Culinary Academy-got a job working with a French chef-quit the job in three days-and couldn’t get back into Academy so I went back to work”

Other than that…we like to eat. And cook. Both our families believe in home cooking.

I (Dani) grew up at my mother and grandmother’s hip in the kitchen. I have memories of being seriously appalled when as a middle schooler I went to a friend’s house and discovered they didn’t own a single measuring cup…and proceeded to make a cake without them anyhow.

Kevin started cooking with his mom since he was homeschooled at a young age. His previous wife and him loved to make super tasty food together as well and I was happy to get him trained when I got him ; )

Likewise, I do not have a degree in writing. I always loved to write, though. I basically “majored” in English in High School through their college prep program and lived in my English teachers offices.

I am new to blogging, and I can’t figure out how to make my blog look / work the way I want it to. Can you help me?

Maybe. Learning to work on a site is confusing. We might be able to push you in the right direction.

I highly recommend the Atahualpa theme for It is totally donation based, cross browser compatible (mostly) and has an awesome support forum. They will probably be able to answer your questions faster than I can (they are great like that!) if you are using the theme.

I know virtually nothing about other blogging platforms but there is a lot that is standard so feel free to ask!

I have a blog / website. Will you link to it? Want to exchange links?

Our general policy is that we link only to sites that one of us read regularly. Thus we do not accept requests to simply exchange links. Here’s a great article on some reasons why.

However, we realize you probably aren’t a spam site so please email us and tell us about your blog if you think we would like it! We would love to visit it, and if we find ourselves stopping by often, we will certainly put up a link.

Can I link to your blog?

Of course you may! We are honored that you’d like to. You can use our text address: or grab our awesome button on the sidebar and use it!

I have a question for you, and it hasn’t been addressed here. Can I e-mail you?

Sure. You can do that here.

I want to print some of your recipes?

Print away! There are printables at the bottom of each recipe post. If you choose to cut and paste into another editor we prefer if you note that it was from The Adventure Bite with the site address:

This is so that you will remember us when you dig it out of the stack in ten years (you KNOW you do this!) or if you give it to someone else they can wander over to our corner here!

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