Living Room Recap

The last number of months you as I am sure you all are aware of by now, we have been pretty much 100% been focused on the kitchen and the garden. Other than occasional bouts of fixing toilets, hatching duck eggs, making old window hanging organizers and about a million other things of course. But lo and behold their are other rooms in our house that need work (HA!). The living room is one of them. And I realized in surprise the other day that most of you don't even know what it looks like … [Read more...]

Dani The Plumber

My dad used to be a plumber. And he still can plumb and fix just about anything. So my affinity towards the functioning of water bearing devices could be said to be genetic. I have a strong memory of being eleven years old and going to summer camp for the first time. I came into the girls bathroom to find the camp coordinator and the girls hall head counselor starting at a toilet spinning round and round and round with a complete dumbfounded-ness. At first I wasn't really sure what I was … [Read more...]

Kevin and Dani’s Eggcellent Adventure: Part 3

Kevin's take: With such a long delay between my first post about my finalist status in this year's Georgia Egg Commission contest, and this recap of the contest it's self, you probably assumed I had won, and we were off spending the winnings on a fancy, tropical vacation. Well, you know what assuming does? It makes an a... never mind. I didn't place. It's taken me a month to recover from the let down, but I think I can finally write this without crying... We drove out to the fairgrounds in … [Read more...]

First Community Dinner

Our first community dinner went off fabulously! We worked and sweated to get this place looking cleaner and tidier than it ever has and we were very pleased with our results. It's not perfect but it sure was pretty. Oh and dinner was pretty rocking too. Menu for the evening was as follows: *Dani's Famous Tomatillo Pork Burritos *Homemade Refried Beans *Rice *Fresh Garden Salad *Mexican Chocolate Pots De Creme *Peach Sangria The Sangria was delightful...We used two jars of the … [Read more...]

Grammie Time

Once Mom arrived we put her right to work: Just kidding. Well sort of. I mean come on she got to ride in the backseat with Noah for a full hour and a half before we got home! But in all seriousness I'm pretty sure we only took one day off out of 8 while she was here. She insisted and we obliged with providing her 1,001 things to do and she found another 1,000 herself when we weren't looking. She climbed, twisted, and bent herself into a myriad of shapes to paint the inside of the … [Read more...]

Crazy Town

Whew. It's been a whirlwind of a last two weeks to say the least. Sanity is on the horizon and as I set down to my computer today I realized how much we have to show you to bring you up to speed. It's been a solid two weeks of fun and excitement and baby being waaaay off his schedule. I took a whole week away from the house and went through the 50 hour For My Life conference at our church and then Mom, she's technically Kevin's but I claim her too :) arrived for a weeks visit as soon as … [Read more...]

Dani’s Famous Homemade Mac and Cheese

The perfect homemade mac and cheese is an elusive thing. There are so many good ones how can you tell what you are going to get? Some are too liquidy, some are way too cheesy, some turn grainy and lumpy, and most if not all of the really good creamy ones require Velveeta. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against artificial cheese when it comes to making an epic Mac and Cheese. But Velveeta is like 6 bucks a brick where we live, and its a BRICK. Now I am sure I could keep said … [Read more...]

Pragel Countertop Final Touchups

After our excitement with the new drawers in place we expectantly awaited our favorite cabinet maker's arrival for final touchups on the Ikea countertops mitered edges. As you probably remember we decided on the Walnut Pragel countertop and so far have been delighted with the way it looks and feels. In fact we thought the countertop looked great already, it definitely needed some clear caulk or something along those lines but nothing too crazy. But that's not what Doug saw. He insisted on … [Read more...]

Fresh French Dips

  Fresh French Dips   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 4 hours Total time 4 hours 10 mins   A fresh twist on a classic sandwich. Serves: 1 roast Ingredients 1 beef chuck roast 1 onion Beef Broth or Water and Beef Bouillon Cubes Black Pepper Cheese- I suggest Provolone, Mozzarella, or Swiss Cilantro Hoagie Rolls Butter (optional) Instructions Chop onion into rings. Spread on bottom of crockpot. Place chuck roast on top of onions. Fill pot with enough broth … [Read more...]

How to Can Squash: Winter and Summer

Today we are going to explore how to can summer squash and how to can and preserve winter squash. As many of you already know and our helping us out this week as I am going through the week long conference our church offers called For My Life. Between 50 hours of teaching plus homework, working on the kitchen slowly but surely and preparing for Melanie (Kevin's mom) to arrive on Saturday we are more than a little swamped. In light of this I was totally blessed by some guest posts this week … [Read more...]

Kitchen Love: Part 4

It was an interesting night last night to say the least. It started out fairly uneventful....we attached the countertops with no major issues. With all the supports in place it went fast... Then I got to do the honors and cut out the final pieces of support on the sink hole with Kev supporting from below. Out she goes! The moment of truth as we dropped in the sink revealed.... It fit perfect! What you don't see here in the photos is the next hour while we … [Read more...]

Kitchen Love: Part 3

Remember last time we spoke? We were here: Well the view is quite different now:   Needless to say we are thrilled with the outcome! We absolutely love all three of the colors and how everything turned out. We ran into a few snags with some runs on the bead board that slowed us down for a while, but with sanding and lots of elbow grease we are finally finished painting the kitchen! With that behind us we quickly have moved to getting the countertops … [Read more...]