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Get to the choppa!!!!


I was just wondering how many hours have you wasted invested on Pinterest looking up amazing ideas and then being an unmotivated punk and not doing any of them?

I mean really we all love Pinterest….well at least all the cool people who have marginally addictive personalities love Pinterest.

Even my husband loves Pinterest! Really and quite seriously he has a Board just for cute baby animals (how did I not know this about his personality?!?!).

But this obsessive pinning and not doing must end!

I hearby initiate The Great Pinterest Challenge!

For the next month there will be a weekly Pinterest challenge.

Your task? Show us your motivating pin or pins and then take a totally sweet photo of your completed version.

How To Enter:

If you have a blog: write a post with photos and link to us. Then send us the link of your post.

If you don’t but have a Facebook/Twitter account: post your pictures. In the description tag/mention us by typing:
“This is my inspiration (or entry) for the Pinterest Challenge at @The Adventure Bite.” (@adventurebite for twitter)
Then your explanation of what it is.

If you don’t have any social media (or don’t want to mess with it) message us here.

Categories include new recipes, DIY projects, kids crafts, etc. Style and clothing stuff as well as traveling, etc won’t work for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

The spiffy thing? You can enter twice every week! One recipe and one of anything else.

At the end of the month we will pick our favorite project and send the winner a super duper awesome copy of:



Each week we will post some tips from things we are learning from Helene Dujardin’s book….which is technically a food photography book (with mouthwatering images) but has tons of awesome tips and tricks that relate to all kinds of photography!

I obviously can’t win the prize (dang it) but for this week my inspiration pins are as follows:




I’ve always wanted to make potstickers from scratch and I’ve got a giant head of homegrown cabbage in the fridge from our friends at Renew Farms begging to be eaten.

My DIY inspiration is a wee bit longer out than a week but I’ll be starting to lay the groundwork (snarf….I kill myself sometimes) for these this week.

I’ll be building them with pallets and then attaching bamboo poles to the sides. Umm glorious to say the least.

So! Tell us what project you are you going to do this week and show us your inspiration!

Then come back and post when you have finished :)

p.s. if we get good response on this we can get more sweet prizes for you guys so make sure to enter!!

p.p.s. there might just be some category prizes and/or weekly prizes…..not saying there are….just that there might be….and that you should definitely join us….just in case 😉

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Dani is a mama to 2 wild little boys. She lives for new adventures & loves to experience new places through her stomach. She is passionate about helping families fall in love with real food, geeking out on food photography and reading obsessively.


  1. Cindi-Lee Milton says

    This is too great! I was just thinking this morning after looking at all of the DIY projects on YOUR Pinterest (yes I am one of those “pinterest stalkers”, you know the kind who are always looking at all of the things that someone else is looking up and then owning the ideas for themselves;-) I figure that someone has to do it so why not me lol! how great it would be to see everyones finished accomplishments and what things they changed to make it “their own”. Haaaa…great minds think so much alike ;-)Well I have many many things I am choosing from the list but they will have to wait until I am home from vacation. But I DO have THREE new recipes that I created from mouth watering ideas I saw on Pinterest. SO while on vacation I will type them up and enter this awesome contest. And since we have already consumed the second round of each of these yummy recipe’s I will have to create them again in order to submit my photos. Soooo, the next contest must be one for ideas on exercise and portion control hahaha, as the eating of three of these recipes three times in three weeks will make for me fitting into pant sizes three times larger!!!

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