Welsh Harlequin Hatching Eggs: Part 1

I can hardly stand the excitement. It feels like forever that I have been pining away at my computer dreaming of the day when little ducklings would swim around in a kiddie pool at our house.

“Be patient Dani” this is Kevin’s mantra for handling my almost (ok definitely) obsessive, easily excited personality. And it’s true….I can be scatterbrained and I can be obscenely passionate about something one day and hate it a week later. And yes sometimes we get into fights because I am so excited about things and I wanna do them all “right now!” and it’s not practical or possible. He grounds me back into reality and I challenge him to think bigger and dream when he forgets how to. We’re good for each other.

We are learning to appreciate each others strengths…..and without him I would be drowning in the midst of twenty projects all at once. With him we manage to probably keep it closer to 18 or so….err I’m the dreamer remember?

But the duckling waiting is over!! 10 beautiful hatching eggs are in route to us this week and with the gracious loan of an amazing incubator we are ready to go!

So in a little over a month the farm will have BABIES!!! Rabbit kits and ducklings popping out like crazy!

(I’m just a wee bit excited can you tell!)

I fell in love with the Welsh Harlequin ducks a couple years ago. They are beautiful!

And if you look closely at the picture you can see that the boys and girls have different bill colors. This makes them one of the few duck breeds that can actually be sexed at birth!

They lay a ton of eggs, are great mothers and are very personable. Pretty much everyone who gets them claims they are their favorite out of all the breeds. And they are gorgeous.

Oh and how could I forget….they are marked Critically Endangered as a heritage duck breed.

Oh my. Be still my heart.


Supplier Note:

We got our hatching eggs from Rusel WindSong (aka lakota_elder over at BackYard Chicken’s forums) and we were SO pleased with the experience! Great seller and the eggs were packaged wonderfully. He even sent them a special way so they wouldn’t be delivered to our home but held at the Post Office since we have crazy rural post office drivers.

We looked at some less expensive sellers and decided to go with him because his stock is beautiful and true to breed standards.

Check out his link here and be sure to tell him we sent you!

Read about our hatching experience here.

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