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Deal Finders: Pendant Track Lighting

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The other day while I was at Home Depot tackling my most recent highly neglected project (putting Noah's crib together) I become completely distracted with a hair brained idea that had been stewing in my mind for a few weeks.

Worst run on sentence ever right there.

I got lost in the track lighting department. It's true, I am smitten with track lighting…but not the stuff you are probably thinking of. When someone says track lighting to me the first thing that comes to mind are these ugly things:

But in the current era track lighting can be quite stunning:

There are a couple issues that helped me finally make this decision. One of the big issues we are facing is the fact that the kitchens light box was installed off center in our room. This puts us in a weird predicament of either just dealing with the weird placement, or moving the junction box. After reading about John and Sherry's experience a few weeks ago I have been less than enthusiastic about breaching the topic with Kevin.

Another factor is that this light is the only light in the room so when we are in the kitchen at night cooking and taking pictures it is so dark I either can't get any shots or they all have the be edited severely to be usable.

Enter track lighting.

Once I discovered the beautiful swirls of pipe on ceilings I knew it was the perfect solution. Then I found the price tag. Ugh.

Turns out these systems cost a pretty penny and we are fresh out of those. Especially since this is a rental we are always looking to do the best job possible while squeezing every last penny out of dollars. So I went through Home Depot's light section and the wheels in my penny pinching mind started turning. First I looked into how to make your own track lighting systems which proved to be very poorly documented and not something you really want to pursue. But I got to thinking that when it really came down to it I wasn't planning on actually moving the lights around once I got them set so why not permanently wire them in place?

Tick toc tick toc tick toc. After thoroughly bothering my two favorite electricians at the store I came out with a wonderful plan for a PVC version of a “track lighting system”. I am still crunching the numbers and seeing if I can find a good deal one a traditional flexible track but I am definitely leaning the PVC route.

The big cost consideration then was the actual lights. Since we won't actually be using a track lighting track (unless we find an amazing deal) I started out in the pendant light section. It was $15 bucks a pop for these babies and they didn't even have any glass shades. Interesting but still a bit too expensive for my taste.

I decided to check out the track pendants just in case one last time even though everything I had seen was at least $25 dollars there. And I totally scored.

These babies were on clearance for $8.73 a piece!! I could hardly believe it, they were originally $39.99 and since I grabbed all 5 of them they gave me 10% off the display because I asked for it. So I walked out with $200 in lighting plus all the hardware for Noah's crib and a scrap of wood to put the cabinet fronts on with for a little over $50.

I still can't believe it!

I'm not sure if I absolutely love the color but I can't even buy the fixtures for that much and I can always paint them or swap them out with a different shade. The other thing that was super important for our project is that it needed to be convertible to a standard wiring system vs the 12 volt system that most track lighting systems run on. Miraculously these all run standard bulbs instead of modified ones and so will work on either the track system or a hard wired system. Is God cool or what?

These little babies are currently getting tucked away though for a while so we can finish our current projects but I just couldn't wait until then to show them to you!

Have you found any awesome deals lately? We'd love to hear about them!

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