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Double Debbie Decker Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Ummm….wow. Did we really do this?

Yes, yes we did. If we ever doubted if it was a bad idea for us to live across the street from a grocery store this completely answered that question.

Last night while I was cooking us a quick spicy indian chickpea curry that was way closer in line with our “healthy farm to table” kind of food…Kevin came into the kitchen and announced that he had an idea.

Now it is never a good idea for my waistline when Kevin announces that he has an idea. It is (almost) always delicious and everyone loves it, but the concept of low calorie or “reasonable” in regards to food has never crossed the mans lips.

He tells me that he would be perfectly happy eating chicken, rice and vegetables…..and he will oblige if I put it in front of him….but lets be honest here….the guy loves tasty food, good beer and has a sweet tooth like none other.


And I’m right there with him. So when he suggested we make an ice cream sandwich from Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies…..well.

Let’s just say that it took me all of five minutes flat to have our ingredients back to the house and be antsy for Noah’s bedtime to arrive.

We had to make sure they were safe for photo taking purposes.

I will spare you the super complicated recipe and simply tell you that you need to make these seriously soon.

Oh….and vanilla is kind of boring. Chocolate chip cookie dough is way better. You could even go all kinds of crazy and put chocolate ice cream in them. Or dip them in chocolate. Oh dear….that’s it, I’m going for a run.

By on August 22nd, 2013

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