How to Make Kefir
Prep time
Total time
Make kefir at home on your countertop! It's easy and tastes great!
  • kefir grains
  • milk
  1. Place kefir grains in glass jar (1 pint- 1 quart size) and fill up the jar with the appropriate level of milk. You are looking to give them a ration of 1 part kefir grains to 7 parts milk. If you have a tablespoon or two of grains start with a pint jar, if you have a ¼ cup or more you should be fine in a quart size jar. Never store in metal containers or leave metal utensils in the container long term. 
  2. Cover top loosely with a clean towel or paper towel. Secure with a rubberband or use the ring of a mason jar if you are using one. I like using a cloth that covers the entire jar, I feel that a darker environment is more beneficial for the kefir and more in line with the traditional completely enclosed sheep skin bag. You want to prevent any flies/bugs from contaminating  it but not have an airtight seal. As it ferments it will release CO₂ and will become fizzy and build pressure in jar if you use a lid with an airtight seal.
  3. Place out of direct sunlight or in cabinet for 12-48 hours.
  4. Strain every 12-48 hours based on taste preference. A stainless steel or plastic strainer is safe to use for straining.
You do not have to wash the jar every time you change the milk but you will get some old milk around the top eventually where the milk splashes that starts to look gross. Lots of people never change their jars or clean the top rim. I replace with a clean jar every 4 days or so.

do not recommend rinsing your kefir grains with water! If you feel the need to rinse them do it with fresh milk.
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