How To Make A Lattice Pie Crust (Step by Step Tutorial)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Folding a lattice pie crust is easy and looks beautiful!
Serves: 1 lattice top pie
  1. Roll out dough for bottom, place in pan and fill pie crust with filling.
  2. Roll out dough for top, cut into ½-1 inch strips to your preference.
  3. Lay down the first 5 strips in one direction.
  4. Fold up strips 2 and 4 and lay down the first cross strip. Replace strips 2 and 4 and lift up strips 1, 3 and 5. Add cross strip.
  5. Repeat across entire pie turning when first half is done.
  6. Trim edge to ¾ inch all the way around. Crimp or finish edge to desired finish.
  7. Whip egg and brush crust with beaten egg with a pastry brush. Dust with coarse sugar and bake to recipe specifications.
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