We had some trouble with getting the box to feel completely secure based on several factors and we ended up attaching it directly to the brick as well as the stud to give it additional rigidity. This worked very well. All in all a total success.
We have one more strip of backer board to install and then we will be jumping into thinset, grout and tiles! We are so excited to see it finished!


2 outlets (from 10 pack we bought a while ago for $4):  $1

Wire (Got 1 foot each, used 4 inches each): .75 cents

Metal box and plate: $3

Wire Clamp: Free (had from previous project….otherwise another buck or so)

Total: around $5

Time: Under 1 hour with toddler underfoot

Note: We are not electricians and all photo’s and instructions are suggestions of a couple DIY fanatics not pro’s. Use at your own risk!


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