About Us


We believe in healthy weekday dinners, Friday night cocktails and camping recipes all weekend long.

Based in the Pacific Northwest our blog is packed with the kind of cooking that powers our lives. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

We live for the weekends, the impromptu road trips, the “grab something and let’s get out of here!” moments.

So whether you are rushing to get dinner on the table before soccer practice, laying out an epic cheese board for girls night or packing your cooler for a week of camping, we’ve got you covered.

Our recipes are simple, made with ingredients you’ll recognize and are designed to keep your body ready for whatever adventure life throws at you.


Hi, I’m Dani!

I’m a full time food blogger and online business instructor.

I started my journey to entrepreneurship as a stay at home mom when my first son was just 2 months old. I’m now a mama to 3 busy little boys (9, 7 & 3) who are ALWAYS starving and always ready to go exploring.

My work has been featured on media outlets like Huffington Post, Prevention, MSN, Food Network CA, Country Living, Parade, Fox News Magazine, Delish, Buzzfeed, FeedFeed, Daily Burn and many more.

I’ve had the privilege to work with national & international brands including KitchenAid, Kroger, Anolon, The International Housewares Association, Sabra, California Giant Strawberries, Blue Diamond Almonds, The American Lamb Board, The NFRA, Safeway and many more.

I’m the author of Stress Free Camping, a 150 page guide on making epic food in the woods.

I’m also the founder of Food Blogger Entrepreneurs, the leading online course and private community for food bloggers looking to seriously grow their businesses.

I’m crazy passionate about getting folks cooking, creating drool worthy photos and mentoring other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses into their dream companies.

I’m so glad you are here and so grateful for the chance to cook with you!


Yes! We offer sponsored posts on our blog and social channels. To discuss your project please contact us.


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As our business has grown so has our team.

We pride ourselves on having way too damn much fun everyday.

Holli is the right hand super star who keeps this whole operation running. Also known as the best Auntie ever, Dani’s sister-in-law she started washing dishes years ago for 10 hours a week and decided this was way more fun than her last job and never left.

She has a knack for logistics and her somewhat OCD cleaning streak makes her an absolute machine in the kitchen on production days.

She loves all things snickerdoodles, extra hot breve lattes, Disney, and chasing her 4 wild girls, hairy husband and an unending stream of animals she has adopted around her property.

She is the only reason any of the plants are still alive.

Shantel is our spicy, wild, maybe a tad crazy Youtube production manager and stylist. The girl can rock a makeup brush, a camera and keeping Dani’s bleeding heart on track all at the same time.

The rest of her week is busy raising her 6 beautiful kiddos and making people look amazing in front of the camera through her photography company Sentimental Portraits.

She loves tacos, leopard print, scary movies and spending way too much time making hilarious Tik Toks with her equally crazy husband.

We are so glad that you are here and look forward to having you be a part of our community!