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Getting out in woods and whipping up some delicious camping recipes is one of our all time favorite thing to do!

We make a ton of dutch oven camping recipes because it truly is the most versatile piece of camping kitchen gear out there. You can get so much accomplished with just this one versatile piece of equipment (check out what we think is the best cast iron dutch oven).

But if you are packing light or don’t have time to snag a dutch oven before this trip you definitely have to make some foil packet recipes! They are easily some of our best camping recipes to because they are so simple, fast and nearly foolproof!

Sometimes we go for the super easy recipes that can function as make ahead recipes (like these Camping Overnight Oats). Our Camping Breakfast Burritos are another perfect option for making up at home and reheating at camp!

But let’s be honest the days are long an often cooking is half the fun of the day! So we will often throw out all the stops and go for some super gourmet camping recipes (hello Camping Breakfast Sandwich & Camping Chilaquiles!). Our campsite is always the hot spot at family camp when adults and kids alike come looking for snacks and leftovers.

Speaking of kiddos, with 3 little boys underfoot all of our recipes are perfect for kids! They love jumping in and helping get breakfast, lunch or dinner on the table! Pack lots of extra wipes for quick and easy hand washing so they can get in and help. The Campfire Nachos and Noah’s Camping Mint Lemonade are always hits!

We do our best to keep a solid rotation of healthy camping recipes and some indulgent treats (like our Camping Mac N’Cheese with Kielbasa!)