Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

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This strawberry rhubarb tart is the perfect dessert for summer! It’s sweet shortbread cookie-like crust pairs perfect with the cool creamy filling and the tart sweet combination of strawberries and rhubarb sauce is heavenly.

I love tarts. They are like pies…..but better. Achieving the perfect pie crust has never been my specialty and to be honest I don’t even really like pie crust so the tart is in my opinion the perfect mode of delivery.

Kevin however loves pies with a passion… particular strawberry rhubarb pies. Which is unfortunate because we live in the south now….where rhubarb doesn’t grow and the stores do not stock. In our little town the act of asking for rhubarb in the produce section elicits odd stares and the occasional promise to order some which never results in anything but crushed hopes.

But several months ago I found some rhubarb crowns at Tractor Supply and have managed to grow this little beauty in our side yard:

Untitled (2013-07-02 20:53:04)

Hopefully she will make it through the winter and give us a big harvest next year. Unfortunately you aren’t supposed to eat the stalks until year two for fear of stressing the plant to death. Which means we still had no rhubarb….

But we had a baby!

Which means we had parents flying and driving in from the west coast. The land of plentiful rhubarb. Kevin’s mom packed her suitcase full of bags of frozen rhubarb and proudly presented Kevin with 11 bags of the glorious red stalks.

Since it was Kevin’s birthday on Monday and he had already cooked his entire birthday dinner himself, I decided to stay home from church and surprise him with a special tart. It was a total success!

I decided that rather than cooking the strawberries with the rhubarb that it would be a nice fresh twist to make a tangy rhubarb coulis and leave the strawberries fresh.

To make the rhubarb sauce I simply poured 1 lb of frozen rhubarb in a saucepan with 1 cup of water and ⅔ cup of sugar and brought it to a boil. I then let that simmer until nice and thickened, which was about 50 minutes with my frozen rhubarb. Once cooled I pulsed it in the blender until it was combined nicely.

While the sauce was simmering I made my favorite tart crust, but I doubled the recipe as it was too thin last time. In hindsight it really only needed 1 ½ times the recipe, next time I will save the other bit and bake them off as shortbread like cookies.

I love using marscarpone cheese as my tart filling but that would have required a trip to town which I wasn’t going to do with two little ones who were happily napping. So I made a lovely pastry cream up and whipped up some whipped cream to stretch the filling.

I used the pastry cream recipe from Tartlette and was quite pleased with it. Next time I will double the pastry cream recipe and use less whipped cream in the filling.

After everything is cooled and your strawberries are sliced, it is as simple as pouring the filling into the tart shell and topping with the strawberries and sauce. I used a sandwhich baggie with the corner snipped off to drizzle the sauce on the tart easily.

Serve with extra rhubarb sauce on the side!




  1. Melanie Meyer says

    sounds delicious, I need to try it. And thanks for the side comments on your 'opps' and rather do's; that will be helpful :) Love you.

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