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30 Topping Ideas to Elevate Store Bought Hummus

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Need a great pre-dinner snack? This amazing compilation of hummus recipes will help you up your weekly snack search.

We love our hummus around our house and we are always looking for new and wonderful way to eat and share it. It’s not an average day at our house if you don’t find someone standing in the kitchen munching on veggies or chips and hummus around 3 o’clock. A few extra ingredients and a couple minutes takes that store bought hummus from good….to amazing!

30 Toppings to Elevate Store Bought Hummus (2)

  1. Pomegranate Molasses Preserved Lemon Hummus


Tangy pomegranate molasses pairs with salty preserved lemons, crunchy pomegranate seeds and cotija cheese. Hummus, crackers, fruit, veggie dippers and of course a glass of chilled white wine for the grown ups. Get Recipe Here

2. Prosciutto Wrapped Veggie Sticks Gluten Free


These amazing little dipping sticks are gluten-free and delicious. Packed with protein and minerals, these are a delightful alternative to the usual chips and crackers.

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3. Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus Platter Recipe


This looks amazing as a snack or a appetizer. This definitely works perfect as a light summer snack, guaranteed to please at any outdoor summer activity.

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4. Lemon Thyme Hummus


A zesty take on an old snacking favorite. This recipe makes any afternoon snack a delight with the addition of a small flair to your favorite Hummus.

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5. Za’atar Roasted Tomatoes and Hummus


Yummy appetizer bar with all the best finger foods in one place. The addition of roasted tomatoes and Za’atar seasoning makes this a well received way to fill the stomachs of your hungry guests.

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6. Tzatziki Hummus Topping


This is a light and delicious Greek inspired recipe using Sabra Hummus to make everyones favorite appetizer or snack option.

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7. Trio Hummus Easy Appetizer Ideas


Three unique takes on a classic mid afternoon meal. These three recipes are so different and yet perfect together you won’t be able to stop.

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8. Spiced Olive and Salami Hummus


Looking for a way to make your hummus into a meal? This is a quick and easy way to add a pop of flavor and protein to an afternoon bite.

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9. Unofficial Meal Mediterranean Giardiniera Hummus


A splash of fresh mediterranean pickled veggies makes this dip a delightful snack with a zing.

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10. Hummus Toppings De Puebla Mexico


This Mexican inspired version of a common snacking staple is a light and surprisingly sweet dip which makes any get together a party!

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12. South of the Border Hummus


A spicy dip with so many chunks of amazing flavor you may want to keep a drink handy! Spicy chipotle hummus is only the beginning for this yummy treat.

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13. Pizza Topped Hummus


We love pizza around here, like so much we often don’t need the excuse of a meal to indulge in our favorite food. If this is how you feel about the greatest food since sliced bread, you will love this Pizza Topped Hummus Recipe.

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14. Mexican Style Hummus


A Mexican style dip you don’t even need to go to a restaurant to find. This hummus and salsa mix makes for just the right amount of flavor and spice.

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15. Mexican Street Corn Salsa Hummus


Spicy/sour corn salsa hummus which promises to fill you up and satisfy your mid afternoon flavor fix.

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16. Lemon Twist Hummus with Spring Pea Pesto Gremolata


This hummus recipe is so chock-full of flavors you may just end up calling it a meal, especially if you successfully defend it from your family’s unwelcome advances.

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17. Lebanese Style Hummus


This Lebanese hummus recipe is a distinct take on a traditional dip, including ingredients such as mint to make a truly wonderful flavor profile.

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18. Hummus Greek Topping


Healthy Greek recipe for a midday snack designed to fill and please your whole family.

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19. Pepperoni Pizza Hummus


Who loves pepperoni pizza? We do! We do!

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20. Lemon Twist Hummus with Spring Pea Pesto Gremolata


Lemon and Pesto with Gremolata is a lemon flavored light dip perfect for any hot day.

Get Recipe Here

21. Caprese Hummus Dip


Caprese and fresh tomatoes come together to make this a wonderful Italian flavored unofficial meal able to satisfy even the most picky of eaters.

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22. Honey Drizzled Roasted Carrots Hummus


Honey roasted carrots nestled in Sabra hummus is a sweet and savory delight your guests will be enchanted with.

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23. Snack Time Ginger Walnut Hummus


This hummus dip will impress you with its nutty flavor blend which combines all the best of walnuts, chickpeas and nutmeg.

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24. Classic Hummus Made Your Way


Need to get inspired to create your own hummus flavor combinations? These mediterranean hummus recipes will inspire you to add your own flair to this versatile snack food.

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24. Turn Sabra Hummus into a Pizza Dip


We have already established that pizza is best described as the food of the gods. Feel like blending your favorite foods into a unique dip of your own? These pizza, greek and taco hummus combinations will inspire you to find your own amazing recipe!

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25. Hummus with Zaatar Olive oil and Lemon Juice


Lemon and olive oil mix this Sabra hummus recipe together into a simple and yummy dip for pita chips or anything you want to cover in amazingness.

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26. Asian Topped Hummus Platter


This asian take on hummus is as unique as it is flavorful. Pickled beets and cabbage make for a crunchy and pickled addition to everyones favorite appetizer.

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27. Balsamic Strawberry Hummus Dip


Vanilla Strawberry balsamic vinegar reduction changes this hummus dip into a sweet delight you could easily substitute for  dessert.

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28. Fiesta Hummus


A spicy addition to the savory goodness that is hummus, black beans and corn make this hummus distinctly southwestern.

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29. Cilantro Lime Fresh Salsa


Do you love homemade salsa but always wish it was a little more filling? This salsa topper hummus recipe will have you loving all the fresh ingredients.

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30. Pesto Pickled Celery Hazelnut Hummus Recipe


Nutty and lemony with a touch of pesto, this recipe is a great addition to any light mediterranean meal or a glass of wine with friends.

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