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Breed Like Rabbits Eh?

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They said gig was supposed to be easy. That rabbits breed like maniacs. That they produce 100’s of pounds of meat in the course of a year.


They didn’t mention that dogs think rabbits are tasty….and fun to chase….and if they get chased by said dog….boom. Dead from a heart attack.

They didn’t mention that they die like crazy when they get a smidge overheated. Which you know….is kind of a big deal when you live in the SOUTH.

Remember Digger?

Untitled (2012-10-10 23:09:40)

She’s all that is left of our rabbit menagerie after the death spree that happened at our little farm. This wasn’t a beneficial spree by any means either…..none of the rabbits ended up in my stock pot because they all died of traumatic causes.

Her two sisters (Lady and Stew) didn’t make it….Stew had a heart attack from the neighbor dog scaring the life out of her, and Lady died from heat stroke. Her brother (Buck Rogers I) didn’t make it, he got attacked by the neighbor dog. And her ill fated lover (Buck Rogers II) also didn’t make the cut this summer…..he just died one night in early summer. (Seriously?? How hard is this thing?!?)

Buck Rogers II was also unsuccessful at his love making attempts. Granted Digger didn’t exactly make that easy since she was having an identity crisis and trying to breed him…..but still.

9 months into this gig we still have nada to show for it. Well….we managed to keep a rabbit alive during a Georgia summer, so I guess we have something to show for it.

Meet Buck Rogers III…..

Untitled (2012-10-10 23:10:25)

Isn’t he pretty?

We decided to try to find a local, cheap, proven breeder male and we are so pleased with him. He cost us $12, was in town, and we got to see dozens of his offspring on site.

After a little meet and greet with Digger….including her attempting to breed the tar out of the poor dude leading to complete confusion on his face, he appeared to get the job done. Praise sweet baby Jesus.

If he dies….that’s it….we will officially be changing Digger’s name to The Black Widow and rehoming her.

It’s been a few weeks and Digger is showing all the right signs of being pregnant….swollen belly and swollen nipples (but she had all of them last time too so not getting too excited) so next Saturday she will get a nest box and hopefully by the end of this month we will have some babies around these parts.

Breed like rabbits? Yeah we will see….



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