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Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowls

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It’s time to up your breakfast game with these gorgeous dragonfruit smoothie bowls! The perfect healthy breakfast to start your day off right!
dragonfruit smoothie bowls

Have you been bitten by the dragonfruit craze as much as I have?

Okay I know it’s totally trending city right here. Did I make a smoothie bowl? Yup. Put it in an ungodly tiny coconut? Yup. And decorate it wildly and with flowers that you really don’t want to eat? Three yeses for the win!

But come on…you’ve got to admit it’s pretty easy on the eyes!

dragonfruit smoothie bowls

Cherries and lavender and dragonfruit combine to make the most brilliantly colored and delicious smoothie ever. The cherries and pitaya add sweetness and the lavender perfectly offsets for just a hint of floral aroma. Be sure to just add a pinch of lavender! It can be overpowering and taste like soap if you overdo it.

In case you have been confused about how white fleshed dragonfruit magically transforms into this neon smoothies you aren’t alone. No, we aren’t all blending up the pink skins. It turns out there is another variety of dragonfruit that isn’t stocked in many locations, and that variety is pink on the inside!

It’s kind of gorgeous and super fun to surprise people with. You can find it at some health food stores with the frozen Acai packets or do what I do and order frozen pitaya packets online here. I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t make the trip well in the mail but they were super well packed and arrived totally intact.

I haven’t tried the frozen fruit pieces yet but we will soon, let us know in the comments if you have tried those!

Dragonfruit smoothie bowl

We’ve created this dragonfruit smoothie bowl recipe in collaboration with Inspired Home today for their site so head on over and GET THE RECIPE!




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