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Life Happens….

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It’s crazy how fast life happens. The last few months have flown by and I’m sure the next few will as well. Trying to keep up with this super little boy has our hands full most of the time:

He stops moving 2-3 times per day. When (if) he naps and when he goes to sleep. That’s it!

The first trimester/beginning of second trimester with baby boy #2 (who is still awaiting a proper name if you were wondering) was brutal for me. I finally started feeling better the last week of December and had three days of feeling amazing. I then promptly contracted a head cold which lasted 3 weeks….ahh gotta love it.

Fortunately we snuck in an awesome vacation to Panama City with some friends right at the onset of said sickness so I was at least able to get in a walk on the beach and take advantage of having other people chase the boy around while I rested. We were totally blessed with an amazing deal on a condo at the Wyndham Suites and will definitely be visiting other of their locations in the future.

The saying about “popping” earlier with the second baby is totally true, even though I am lighter than I was with Noah I am showing more and earlier than I did with him. This was New Years Day so right around 17 weeks pregnant.

And here we are last Sunday at right around 22 1/2 weeks:

We had a great time finding out the gender of the new baby with friends at the Gender Reveal Party we hosted a few weeks back. I still have yet to get to editing those photos but here’s a little peak:

We made a crepe cake and had both kinds of berries on the table. Once we found out what it was from the card the ultrasound tech wrote in we them dumped the appropriate bowl of fruit over the cake. It was a great night!

Noah is growing like a weed and loves feeding himself. He recently went through a stage where he refused to eat anything we tried to feed him and would only eat if he could feed himself. That made beans and rice night a pretty interesting experience:

His favorite foods right now are banana’s (nana is his most consistent word hands down), cottage cheese, beans and rice and oatmeal. Peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese are also pretty awesome in his book. He isn’t so big into spicy anymore but can keep up with our meals as long as he has plenty of sour cream (which he will eat straight if you let him!).

He still loves kefir and kefir smoothies and generally is a very good eater. He currently has two super annoying food habits: taking bites even when he is full and spitting them out everywhere and throwing his food on the floor when he is done. Table manner training is in full force over here.

He LOVES water and carries his water bottles around with him all day long or steals mine when I’m not paying attention. We do not give him juice or other drinks except on very special occasions and will continue that practice as we really believe it has contributed to his good water drinking habit.

He is still taking 1-2 naps a day though he has been struggling with them lately. We are hoping that some white noise and finally hanging curtains in his room will help with this.

He has done extremely well with the babywise schedules we have used with him since he was young and goes down quickly and without a fuss every night around 7:30. He also goes down equally as easily in his pack n’ play at friends houses which is a huge blessing as he goes with us everywhere.

He has really struggled with our family style church services the last few months. He is still very morning nap dependent and used to nap during church which worked great. He is no longer willing to lay down there in the napping room with the service going on now though. This is requiring mommy and daddy to have a pretty solid and consistent management plan for service (lots of toys/snacks/walking/carrying in sling/etc). Some Sundays one of us just doesn’t have the energy for it and we will solo staying home with him while he naps so the other can go to service and relax.

We absolutely love our family style services but it would be great to have a nursery option for the 1-3 year olds (especially the little boys). Hopefully he will be out of this stage soon!

He loves waving “bye-bye” to Daddy when he leaves for work in the morning and after lunch. He will even stand by the front window and watch for him for up to 10 minutes if you mention that he will be home soon.

He is very vocal but does not say many words yet. Dada, nana, bath, duck and an occasional momma are about the only things that are consistent. He also says yeow for the kitty which is super cute:

That’s all for now. See ya soon!


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