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No More Fishbowl….

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The last couple of weeks months we have been in a bit of a lull with the whole home renovations gig. Between our new exercise program, Kevin’s new position at work, an increasingly active toddler, tons of events, blogging and now being in the first trimester of baby Meyer #2 we have just been plain tired.

I’m still stalled out halfway through the backsplash project (hoping to knock it out this weekend/upcoming week) and other than maintaining we haven’t had much going on as far as house stuff.

But last night in a desperate attempt to just do something on our list and get my brain to chillax I asked Kevin to help me hang the curtains in the living room. Sorry these photos aren’t the best…..capturing full images of stuff in this house near windows is almost impossible for some reason…..it tweaks the colors so badly.

Here’s our naked windows….

photo (5)

And seeing as we live with a rather public view from a store across the street we pretty much have zero privacy in here without any curtains. Fishbowl all the way.

These windows also desperately need to be replaced but until then our heavy duty curtains should help keep some extra heat in during this winter. So this is also like Winter prep….we are so on top of it.

It’s crazy how such a little project can take so much umph to get going when we haven’t been knocking things out together lately. But we made pretty quick work of it and got them up.

photo (1)

It’s so amazing what a difference they make! I love the pretty browns up next to the green in my little combination artwork!

photo (2)

Speaking of artwork I don’t think I’ve ever shown of this little gem before….I made it a few years ago by wiring a semi transparent framed art piece over a fun textured background piece I found at a thrift store. Super easy and so unique….I love it!

Untitled (2012-10-19 15:10:25)

The curtains are a clearance set I picked up when I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are super expensive panels that were marked down over and over again. With my employee discount I totally scored on them…..I think I paid around $40-50 for $400-500 worth of curtains. It was insanity. The curtain rods and finials were from Target a few years back.

Untitled (2012-10-19 15:10:39)



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  1. Very nice sweetheart. I love eath tones as well. You both have done a great job on you home. Love inside and out. Have a great day. Rest in all that beauty.


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