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Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

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These pumpkin french toast waffles are destined to be your new fall favorite breakfast. 10 minutes, some pantry staples and a waffle iron are all you need!

pumpkin frech toast waffles

Weekends are for breakfasting. We try our best as a family, even when life is insane…to make time for at least one weekend breakfast. It’s pretty much always impromptu because…well because we have no brain cells left, let’s be honest. Between work and both kiddos school and two massive construction projects lasting the past six months and a few other projects that we can’t talk about just yet…we are all wiped out most days.

So to be honest Saturday breakfast pretty much never looks like this:

pumpkin french toast waffles

It usually looks like plastic plates on a slightly sticky table, that’s just a hair too small for all of us to really be comfortable sitting around. It’s cups of spilled milk and coffee that’s always a bit too cold because we’ve been cutting up pumpkin waffles into tiny bites for so long. It’s burned fingers from snagging said waffles just a bit too early off the griddle and under the breath cursing as we take one for the team from exploding bacon grease.

It’s laughing (or at least trying to laugh) when the four year old gets ahold of the syrup bottle while everyone isn’t paying attention and nearly drowns his waffles in enough syrup for everyone’s breakfast.

pumpkin french toast waffles

It’s love and sticky and family all piled into a chaotic wonderful disaster. The good news is that these picture perfect waffles taste just as glorious no matter how you get them on the plate. They come together quite simply as they are in fact, real french toast. But cooking them in the waffle iron is a super secret mom trick for delivering waffles in no time flat. Spices and a generous dollop of pumpkin puree into your egg batter make quick work of turning these into fall heaven.

pumpkin french toast waffles

Come on over and visit The Inspired Home to snag the recipe and find even more inspiration! 


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