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We’re Not Dead I Promise

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Oh my word. When we made our little announcement some 7 1/2 weeks ago we had no idea what was in store for us.  I mean we kind of knew that morning sickness AKA all day and night sickness was a possibility this time around too, but I guess I just assumed that it would be pretty similar or better than it had been with Noah. You know what happens when you assume right?

Let’s just say I have been taken down a few notches in the assuming anything in the pregnancy department. This time around has been much much worse in the nausea department and I actually have lost my lunch on more than one occasion which never happened with Noah. I pretty much slept through my first trimester with Noah which with a one year old running around has definitely not been happening this time. After literally not moving off the couch for weeks and with an an upcoming 10 day trip planned to Oregon via plane I finally called the doctor to try to get some relief.

A combination of Unisom/B6, zofran and some home remedies have helped us manage the worst parts of the day and got us through the plane rides to and from our destination.

With all this almost all our home projects have come to a screeching halt, including the half finished backsplash that taunts me everytime I see it to be finished. Kevin with some help of a friend did get our gigantic sliding glass door installed in between our bedroom and the utility room just as the cold weather hit which has made a huge difference in the warmth of the house. We still need to trim it out and make it all pretty but I’ll try to get some photos soon.

I have never been more grateful for what a generous and capable husband and what an amazing little boy I have then these last two months. There have been literally full weeks where I have barely moved from the couch or the bathtub other than to tend Noah and I’s most basic needs. Between working full time and taking care of all of us it has definitely taken its toll on Kevin energy wise. We are all looking forward to this lifting hopefully in the next few weeks and life getting back to normal.

Have I mentioned how cool our boy is? He dug this board and dowels out of a scrap box and made himself a makeshift drum set the other day. He has been so well behaved and good at entertaining himself for hours while I watch from the couch.



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  1. Always amazed. You are so loved and you husband rates a #1 and your son is a blessing and so very cute. So blessed to see you all and to love on the wee one. God bless.


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