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Easy Potluck Recipes That Actually Taste Good

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Easy potluck recipes the whole family will actually enjoy. Pick one or two and call the family, this is going to be epic.

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Slow Cooker Beef Tortas Recipe 


Easy to toss in the crock pot and forget about until dinner time.  Get Recipe Here

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe


Mushrooms stuffed with a delicious mix of seafood and cheesy goodness. Get Recipe Here

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad Recipe


Tired of the same old side dish? This is your ticket to ride the flavor train. Get Recipe Here

Fresh Corn Salad Recipe


This salad is full of flavor, you will want make all your salads this way from now on.  Get Recipe Here

BLT Cole Slaw Recipe


Even cole slaw could be made better with bacon. This slaw recipe is a great side for any meal. Get Recipe Here

Paleo Maple Pork Meatballs Recipe


These meatballs are filled with taste, a fast favorite. Get Recipe Here

Gluten Free Berry Fruit Pizza Recipe


Tasty berries and whipped cream make a wonderful little summer pizza. Get Recipe Here

Asian Broccoli Slaw with Pineapple Recipe 


Crunchy and juicy, this is a great summer picnic idea. Get Here Recipe

Mexican Salsa Recipe


Everyone needs to know how to make a good salsa from scratch, file this one for re-use later. Get Recipe Here

Healthy Veggie Dip Recipe


Ditch the chips, these veggies will have you glad you did! Get Recipe Here

Asian Peanut Noodles Recipe


This noodle recipe is a great side dish with plenty of taste. Get Recipe Here

 Chickpea Salad Recipe


This salad option has all the juicy taste and crunchy flavor your guests need. Get Recipe Here

Slow Cooker Pork Tacos Recipe 


Savory and delicious, this meat recipe will melt in your mouth. Be sure to make extra, it is sure to be a favorite at your next potluck. Get Recipe Here

Asian Cucumber jicama Slaw Recipe


Not your average cole slaw, this recipe is packed with delicious and crunchy ingredients. Get Recipe Here

Lavender Honey Posset Recipe Easiest Entertaining Dessert You’ve Never Heard


Ready for a dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about? This is sure to please even the most calorie counting of your guests. Get Recipe Here

Pinto Bean and Pepper Salad Recipe


Crunchy and delicious peppers provide a wonderful contrast to the flavor of this bean salad recipe. Get Recipe Here

Sweet Salty Honey Dinner Rolls Recipe


These homemade rolls are your new favorite, hands down. Get Recipe Here

Cauliflower Sweet Potato Salad Recipe


Potato salad made amazing, you are going to want to try this again! Get Recipe Here

Fresh Corn and Quinoa Salad Recipe


Quinoa and crunchy corn blend textures and tastes to make something truly extraordinary. Get Recipe Here

Healthy Tomato Cucumber Avocado Salad Recipe


This salad recipe is perfect for a hot summer day. Get Recipe Here

Vegan Queso Recipe


Queso dip even your vegan family members will love.  Get Recipe Here

Sesame Soba Noodles Recipe


These soba noodles will make a great start for any potluck this summer.  Get Recipe Here

Cherry Wild Rice Salad Recipe


This salad is full of flavor, you are going to want to hide this until the party. Get Recipe Here

Turkey Meatball Skewers Recipe


Handy little snack food with all the protein you could need. Get Recipe Here

Watermelon Salad with Blackberries Blue Cheese Recipe 


Fresh fruit and watermelon are a great combo for this summer potluck recipe.  Get Recipe Here






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