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Super Easy Lasagna Recipes

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Here’s the good stuff baby. So go ahead and take back your evenings by spending less time making dinner and more time enjoying it. Garfield has nothing on us with these great lasagna recipes.


Chicken Lasagna alla Bolognese


This pasta mashup is full of flavor, this will kick your tastebuds into gear. Get Recipe Here

Easy One Skillet Stovetop Lasagna


I can get behind any recipe for dinner that keep everything in one skillet. Get Recipe Here

Chipotle Pumpkins Chicken Lasagna For Two


This is not your average lasagna, spicy amazing and full of pumpkin goodness. Get Recipe Here

Lasagna Soup


Lasagna just not right for you tonight? This awesome recipe has all the goodness or a lasagna in one little bowl. Get Recipe Here

Easy Skillet Lasagna 15 Minute Supper


This delicious recipe isn’t just easy to clean up after, it is also super fast. Get Recipe Here

Eggplant Lasagna with Prosciutto


We think you are going to love this lasagna that totally delivers on taste and substance. Get Recipe Here

Zucchini Lasagna Style


This is exactly what you need to do to clean out all that excess zucchini in your pantry. Get Recipe Here

Lasagna Rosa


This is going to be the star of your dinner table tonight. Get Recipe Here

White Sauce Lasagna


Tomato sauce not your cup of tea? This wonderful white pasta sauce will help you get your lasagna on. Get Recipe Here

Pumpkin Pie Dessert Lasagna


Lasagna for dinner and lasagna for dessert, this is going to be amazing tonight! Get Recipe Here




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