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Jalapeno Popper Turnovers

Jalapeno popper turnovers are the perfect easy appetizer recipe! The cheesy filling is mixed with bacon and jalapeño and then wrapped in store bought puff pastry. I always get asked for the recipe!


This post is part of our continued collaboration with Sabra.

Some days are for celebrations. Some days are for jumping up and down with excitement and grinning from ear to ear. Some days are for picking yourself up again and dusting yourself off again and pushing forward. And some days still are for curling up in bed and having a good cry. And some weeks each day can be one of those in rapid repeat fire order.

It’s been an incredibly packed last few weeks on our front. I may write about some of the events that have transpired these past few weeks and I may not. Some things are just best left on their own instead of sharing with the world.

But what cannot wait to be shared with the world are these jalapeno popper turnovers! This is basically my favorite appetizer ever (bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers) mashed up in a creamy cheesy mixture and wrapped in a warm pillow of light crunchy cheese baked goodness.