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52 Fermented Foods List and Recipes

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Fermented foods taste amazing and many of them are fabulous for your health! There are so many different kinds of fermented food recipes that you can find something for everyone!

52 Fermented Foods To Make This Year

We love making fermented foods! If you persevere through a few trial and errors I guarantee you will be able to find something fermented to match everyone in the families tastes and get some of that awesome probiotic goodness in your life!

Here are a few we have done and lots that are on our “must try” list.

Update: We realized after publishing this that not all of these foods are technically “fermented foods” since some do not actually utilize yeast or bacteria, some are technically cured and pickled instead of fermented. We’ve left it as is since we still are in love with them all and can’t wait to try them! 

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1. How To Make Kefir

This cultured dairy product is made at home and our #1 recommended fermented foods for beginners. It requires no special equipment and the grains continue to live indefinitely in plain old regular milk.

How To Make Kefir: A Tutorial with Step-by-Step Photos & Video! -- Fermented foods taste amazing and are fabulous for your health! Try these great ideas to get your inspired! A great new years resolution!

2. Sweet & Tangy Pickled Banana Peppers

One of our most popular post on the blog. This brine is so easy to whip together and makes the perfect sweet and salty pickled banana pepper or refrigerator pickles!

Easy Pickled Banana Peppers: This is the BEST banana pepper brine. Sweet, salty and vinegary and so easy!

3. How To Make Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are amazing at adding a special something to an ordinary dinner. They also only take 2 ingredients to make! Lemons, salt and time are all you need to make this delicious ingredient.

How To Make Preserved Lemons At Home Recipe -- Fermented foods taste amazing and are fabulous for your health! Try these great ideas to get your inspired! A great new years resolution!

4. Frozen Lemon Kefir With Blackberry Coulis from Gourmande In The Kitchen

Turn your homemade kefir into a delicious and healthy frozen treat!


5. Learn How To Make Hard Cider!

My husband is a professional brewer and he takes you step by step through brewing your very own batch of hard cider at home.

How To Make Hard Cider: Homebrewing Guide: -- Fermented foods taste amazing and are fabulous for your health! Try these great ideas to get your inspired! A great new years resolution!

6. Fermented Salsa from Tasty Yummies

This is a great way to use up a glut of tomatoes from your garden and add some fermented goodness to your diet! A great way to get more fermented foods in your family without complaints!


7. Fermented Watermelon Radishes from Homemade Mommy

Aren’t these just gorgeous?? I have been dying to grown watermelon radishes and just have to plant some this spring.


8. Learn How To Make Sauerkraut

A great tutorial on small batch sauerkraut making at home!


9. Zucchini Pickles & Relish

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with zucchini in the summer? I do too! This post needs some new pictures but the recipes are tried and true family classics!


10. Sprouted Sourdough Bread from Golubka Kitchen

This is a fantastic basic sprouted sourdough bread recipe and would be a great introduction to the art of sourdough baking! 


11. How To Make Water Kefir from Delicious Obsessions

Love soda but know you need to kick the habit? Try Water Kefir! It’s delicious, full of probiotics and so much better for you than soda!


12. Beet Kvass from Nourished Kitchen

This drink is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid. Beets are just loaded with nutrients. One 4-ounce glass, morning and night, is an excellent blood tonic, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments.


13. Spicy Pickled Eggs from The Fresh Exchange

My husband is obsessed with pickled eggs and has been dying for me to try my hand at them at home. These spicy ones sound perfect!


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14. Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles from A Couple Cooks

These quick pickles sound like the perfect intro to fermentation! No canning needed just pop them in the fridge!


 15. Easy Pickled Vegetables from Averie Cooks

Don’t let cucumbers take all the glory! Any crunchy vegetable can be pickled into something delicious.


16. Pickled Red Onions from Use Real Butter

I NEED these. Smother your tacos and sandwiches with these tangy delicacies.


17. Pickled Jalapeños from Liv Life

Need a spicy kick? Try some of these to get your senses rumbling again!


18. Meyer Lemon Liquor from Eat Boutique

This liquor is aged to perfection and would be perfect for gifting!


19. How To Make Yogurt At Home from The Kitchen

Making yogurt at home is a fun activity to try out! Kids love waking up and discovering the yogurt!


20. Whole Wheat Sourdough Tortillas from The Prairie Homestead

It’s really hard to find a good whole wheat tortilla but I love all of The Prairie Homestead’s recipes so you know this has to be good!


21. Kefir Bread from Baker’s Corner

Grab your leftover kefir and make yourself some tasty bread!


22. Honey & Saffron Liquor from Eat Boutique

A beautifully aged liquor that would be perfect for a party!


23. Berry Lemonade Kombucha

Kombucha is an amazing probiotic packed drink! My kids call it oooocha and are OBSESSED with the stuff. This berry lemonade version sounds right up their alley.


24. Homemade Ginger Ale

I live on ginger ale every time I am pregnant and this homemade version will definitely have to happen if we ever have another baby!


25. Fermented Plum Brandy from Fresh Bites Daily

This fermented brandy looks like it would taste amazing!


26. How To Make Fermented Ketchup from A Girl Worth Saving

Ketchup is still my number 1 downfall when it comes to condiments. I can’t wait to try this fermented version!


27. Chocolate Stout Beer from Love and Olive Oil

My all-time favorite beer! I am a chocolate stout kind of girl and this recipe looks like perfection.


28. Greek Yogurt Cheese from Taste Love and Nourish

Who knew you could make cheese out of greek yogurt? How genius!


29. Sima: Finnish Fermented Lemonade from Ever In Transit

This sounds like it would be so amazing. Fermented lemonade? Yes yes yes.


30. Mom’s Kimchi from Esther and Jacob

I just fell in love with Kimchi this past year (with rice, sticky chicken wings and cucumber salad yum!) and some of this recipe is going to have to be made pronto so I can keep it on hand.

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These fermented foods are sure to keep your system full of healthy probiotics!

31. Sweet Hot Pickled Peaches from Better Homes and Gardens

What?! This sounds like it must taste epic. Can you imagine some of these over vanilla ice cream? Hello yum!
52 fermented foods

32. Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables from Use Real Butter

 I want to pile a Bahn Mi sandwich with these and eat it all right now.
52 fermented foods

33. Plum Wine from And Here We Are

We have a wild plum tree in our yard and I cannot wait to try this with them!
52 fermented foods

34. Homemade Pickled Ginger from My Darling Lemon Thyme

I am unnaturally obsessed with pickled ginger. But did you know that the pink stuff is just pink from food dye? Gross! This homemade version is way better for you.
52 fermented foods

35. Pickled Garlic & Red Bell Pepper from Chef Chuck’s Cucina

 This would be so delicious to mix into a pasta dish!
52 fermented foods

36.  Homemade Salted Cured Olives

A great article on curing your own olives. How fun!
52 fermented foods

37. Fermented Jam from GNOWFGLINS

A super interesting and healthy twist on normal jam!
52 fermented foods

38. Homemade Pickled Beets from Foodie Crush

Just say no to store-bought canned beets! Homemade is so much tastier!
52 fermented foods

39. Pickled Avocados from Lafuji Mama

Okay, I know this totally sounds weird and gross but you have to read her article! They sound absolutely heavenly the way she prepares them!
52 fermented foods

40. How To Make Kombucha At Home from The Kitchen

A great tutorial on how to brew your own kombucha at home!
52 fermented foods

41. Ice Cream Kombucha Floats from The Nourishing Gourmet

The healthy root beer float alternative! My boys would go nuts for these.

52 fermented foods

42. Probiotic Arnold Palmer from Culinary Covers

A healthy version of the classic? Heck yes! I’ll take a double shot in mine most days!

52 fermented foods

43. Lacto Fermented Cherry Salsa from Northwest Edible Life

Whoa. Cherry salsa? This sounds like the perfect thing to top a savory goat cheese biscuit with!

52 fermented foods

44. Fermented Sweet Sour Cinnamon Apples from Bare Root

Yum! I bet these would be delicious in oatmeal.
52 fermented foods

45. Homemade Cream Cheese & Sour Cream from Mother Earth News

Making your own cream cheese and sour cream is just a click away!

52 fermented foods

46. Homemade Mozzarella Cheese from Local Lemons

Making mozzarella from scratch is the COOLEST party trick ever. It’s so fun to watch the cheese come together!
52 fermented foods

47. Homemade Cultured Butter from Savory Simple

If you’ve never had cultured butter you don’t know what you are missing! It’s delightfully sweet and tangy and creamy.
52 fermented foods

48. How To Make Crème Fraîche At Home from Zoë Bakes

Crème Fraîche can be hard to find in stores so why not make your own at home! One of my favorite fermented foods!
52 fermented foods

49. Coconut Milk Yogurt from Tasty Yummies

Avoiding dairy or have a dairy allergy? Try this coconut milk yogurt! I’m going to make it anyhow just because I’m obsessed with coconut milk.
52 fermented foods

50. Home Cured Bacon from Slim Palate

BAAAAACOOOON. We are kind of obsessed with bacon around this house and making our own has been on our list for forever!
52 fermented foods

51. How To Make Bresaola at Home from And Here We Are

This looks so tasty!

52 fermented foods

52. Make Salami at Home from Wrightfood

Salami sounds so intimidating but this article makes it actually seem doable!
52 fermented foods
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  1. This is such a great list! I really want to try the kefir ice cream- that sounds amazing. I’ve tried kefir waffles before and they were delicious! I love how many culinary options fermented foods provide.

  2. What a killer list. I am slowly working my way through it and I have to say, fermented avocado just sounds so weird and terrible! It does’nt get brown and over;y mushy? What’s the flavor like?

    • Hey Emily!

      We’ve never done them personally but that post I linked to made them sound awesome! I think the acid keeps them from turning brown kind of like lemon juice to an apple and she’s doing them pretty firm not completely ripe. It’s totally on my list to try, now to find me someone who wants to ship me a whole box of avocados haha!




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