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30 Margaritas That You Need to Drink Today

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With warm weather rolling in, there is nothing better to unwind within the backyard than a big pitcher of these delicious margaritas!

pineapple jalapeno margaritas

Margaritas are one of our favorite cocktails to unwind with after a long week so we put together a list of some of our favorite tasty treats for you to make a pitcher of tonight! Be careful with these because they are surprisingly delicious!

With Spring here and better weather rolling into most areas, there is no better time to make a pitcher of something amazing to share with your guests! Making a batch of one of these tasty drink recipes is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pink Champagne Margarita

pink champagne margaritas

No one can resist our Pink Champagne Margaritas! Just go ahead and try! Get Recipe Here.

Pomegranate Champagne Margarita

pomegranate champagne margaritas

As fun to drink as they are to make, these Pomegranate Champagne Margaritas are a guaranteed winner at your next get together! Get Recipe Here.

Apple Cider Champagne Margarita

apple cider champagne margaritas

This delicious drink mashup is sure to stun at your picnic table tonight! Share these Apple Cider Champagne Margaritas with your friends and family tonight! Get Recipe Here.

Pineapple Cilantro Jalapeno Margarita

Pineapple Cilantro Jalapeno Margaritas

Nothing says party quite like a margarita! This Pineapple Cilantro Jalapeño Margaritas is the perfect signature drink to keep things spicy! Get Recipe Here.

Prosecco Margarita

prosecco margaritas

These Prosecco Margaritas are the perfect mix of bubbly refreshing prosecco and tart lime and tequila, they are sure to be a big hit! Get Recipe Here.

Skinny Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

skinny blood orange margarita recipe

These sweet and tart cocktails are sure to be a fast favorite around your picnic table! Try a pitcher of these Skinny Blood Orange Margaritas on your guests today!  Get Recipe Here.

Ultimate Cadillac Margarita

ultimate Cadillac mararitas

These Ultimate Cadillac Margaritas are luxuriously tart and sweet and sure to go down fast if you aren’t careful! Get Recipe Here.

Easy Blackberry Margarita

easy blackberry margaritas

These Easy Blackberry Margaritas are full of more fruit and berries than your morning smoothie! Get Recipe Here.

Frozen Peach Margarita

frozen Peach margaritas

The delicious sweetness of these Frozen Peach Margaritas hides the hefty punch they pack! Get Recipe Here.

Frozen Blackberry Margarita

frozen blackberry margaritas

Sweet and refreshing, these Frozen Blackberry Margaritas are out of this world tasty! These are one of our favorite ways to unwind! Get Recipe Here.

Strawberry Champagne Margarita

strawberry champagne margaritas

These bubbly Strawberry Champagne Margaritas are full of sweet flavors and enough alcohol to be a real kick in the pants! Get Recipe Here.

Tequila Sunrise Margarita Cocktails

Tequila Sunrise margaritas cocktails

These Tequila Sunrise Margarita Cocktails are the perfect drink mashup! These are sure to be a new favorite! Get Recipe Here.

Strawberry Margarita

strawberry margaritas

These sweet and super easy Strawberry Margaritas are one of our favorite ways to cool off after a long hot day out in the nice weather! Get Recipe Here.

Frosty Orange Margarita

frosty orange margaritas

Yummm! These Frosty Orange Margaritas are the perfect refreshing drink to cool off with after a long day! Get Recipe Here.

Pineapple Dole Whip Margarita

pineapple dole whip margaritas

These Pineapple Dole Whip Margaritas are the perfect tropical flavor to transport you to your favorite beach with every sip! Get Recipe Here.

Coconut Margarita Recipe

coconut margaritas recipe

Easy peasy, these Coconut Margaritas couldn’t be any tastier! Get hooked on this simple cocktail recipe tonight! Get Recipe Here.

Mocktail Virgin Margarita

mocktail virgin margaritas

Everyone can cool down with a glass of these tasty Mocktail Virgin Margaritas! Yummm! Get Recipe Here.

Cranberry Lime Margarita

cranberry lime margaritas

Not just for the holidays, these Cranberry Lime Margaritas are a sure winner any day of the year! Get Recipe Here.

Fresh Peach Margarita

fresh peach margaritas

With just that extra little bit of sweetness, these Fresh Peach Margaritas are sure to have you reaching for a second glass in no time! Get Recipe Here.


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