Ahh the joys of being a pregnant woman. We are quickly approaching week 7 or 8 of this pregnancy (where did those weeks go?) and I am feeling the effects of this pea child in full swing. Here's our first belly shot taken at 5 weeks at the 5k. The glorious puffy tummy a.k.a. massive bloating had just barely started then. Let it be known that it is now in full effect. Also let it be known that if you have the desire to come over and rub my belly over the course of the neck 4-8 weeks … [Read more...]

Creole Ginger Apple Pork Loin

Hello deliciousness. I'm glad you decided to join us at our home this week. You won't mind if I eat you will you? Oh good. It won't be the same without some homemade bread? I understand. We'll make it happen. You're going to a better place you know. A place were you will be warm and happy and dance in fields of joy. Or maybe it was fields of's a toss up on that one. Thanks for being awesome. We won't forget you.... Creole Ginger Apple Pork … [Read more...]

No More Fishbowl….

The last couple of weeks months we have been in a bit of a lull with the whole home renovations gig. Between our new exercise program, Kevin's new position at work, an increasingly active toddler, tons of events, blogging and now being in the first trimester of baby Meyer #2 we have just been plain tired. I'm still stalled out halfway through the backsplash project (hoping to knock it out this weekend/upcoming week) and other than maintaining we haven't had much going on as far as house … [Read more...]

Breed Like Rabbits Eh?

They said gig was supposed to be easy. That rabbits breed like maniacs. That they produce 100's of pounds of meat in the course of a year. Yeah. They didn't mention that dogs think rabbits are tasty....and fun to chase....and if they get chased by said dog....boom. Dead from a heart attack. They didn't mention that they die like crazy when they get a smidge overheated. Which you kind of a big deal when you live in the SOUTH. Remember Digger? She's all that is left … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Bacon Bread Pudding

There's something about fall and pumpkin. If you've been around the blogging world much over the last month or so something seems to have possessed all the bloggers to make every dish imaginable with pumpkin. It was practically a Pumpkin Mania. I blame the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's ruined a whole nation (including myself). But as I'm sure you have figured Meyer's are pretty much obsessed with originality. We love things that are weird and unique and And we tend to fight … [Read more...]

Garden Update

Fall is finally coming into its own here in Georgia on most days. This morning my feet were actually cold! We are looking forward to some cool weather crops starting to come into season. Our tomatoes are winding down for the season although we are still pulling off handfuls of cherry and large fruited cherry tomatoes every couple days. We absolutely loved the large fruited cherry tomatoes from Ferry Morse that we grew this year. They are about the size of quarters in diameter and have … [Read more...]

Noah’s Crazy Eyebrow Party

The rumors have been out in full force regarding our boy. It's true he has grown monstrous eyebrows.... We decided that they were getting so out of hand that we needed to bleach them... Then we realized it was generational.... It spread like a pandemic, soon everyone at his birthday party were sprouting some serious brows. It began spreading to other areas of their faces.... Then we realized whole families had been infected... Age seemed to be no … [Read more...]

Good morning daddy…..

Kevin had quite the surprise on Saturday morning when he was called out to watch Noah so I could "make cupcakes" for the party. It took him a few minutes to even realize what was going on.... Baby Meyer #2 should be arriving in late May or early June!! We were all a little surprised but very excited about the news! The next 24 hours was a bit of a crazytown as we prepared for Noah's eyebrow party, while calling family and close friends to spill the beans. We aren't good at keeping … [Read more...]

Noah’s First Year

It's hard to believe that my baby is one. Where did a whole year go? You were such a perfect little angel when you were born little man. You decided that you just couldn't wait to see us and came two whole weeks early! It was our baby shower day but you didn't seem to have gotten the note about that! Your full name is Noah Christopher Meyer. Noah means "peaceful" and Christopher means "christ-bearer". We love that it perfectly describes you to the core. You are such a peaceful little … [Read more...]