Boozy Irish Cream Chai Latte

This boozy irish cream chai latte is the perfect marriage of warm and cozy flavors. Top it with whipped cream, cinnamon and homemade chocolate sauce if you are feeling extra indulgent.


My all time favorite drink to get while we are out and about is a chai latte with extra whipped cream and lots of cinnamon on top. It just screams winter to me and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Well this boozy irish cream chai latte literally will make you warm and fuzzy inside! We paired a shot of whiskey and a shot of irish cream with our drink base to bump up the warming sensations.

If you have been around here for long you know we are all about the kale salad, avocado toast breakfasts and making stir fry sauces out of real ingredients for our family. You also know that we aren’t afraid to break out the pie and cocktails and pour chocolate over everything. It’s all about balance in our house.


Jalapeno Popper Turnovers

Jalapeno popper turnovers are the perfect easy appetizer recipe! The cheesy filling is mixed with bacon and jalapeño and then wrapped in store bought puff pastry. I always get asked for the recipe!


This post is part of our continued collaboration with Sabra.

Some days are for celebrations. Some days are for jumping up and down with excitement and grinning from ear to ear. Some days are for picking yourself up again and dusting yourself off again and pushing forward. And some days still are for curling up in bed and having a good cry. And some weeks each day can be one of those in rapid repeat fire order.

It’s been an incredibly packed last few weeks on our front. I may write about some of the events that have transpired these past few weeks and I may not. Some things are just best left on their own instead of sharing with the world.

But what cannot wait to be shared with the world are these jalapeno popper turnovers! This is basically my favorite appetizer ever (bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers) mashed up in a creamy cheesy mixture and wrapped in a warm pillow of light crunchy cheese baked goodness.


Healthy Apple Cheese Bites

These healthy apple cheese bites are super simple and absolutely delicious. They are the perfect appetizer or make a great healthy after school snack!


Sometimes you need fussy and sometimes you need to shove yummy little cheesy apple bites in your face with reckless abandon. Using tiny apples is key to making them look this cute and adorable so scour your favorite grocery store for some small ones or head to your farmers market.